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Sudbury Interior Painting Project

Some people love when we talk about our residential projects. In this post we will tell details about our most recent interior project done in Sudbury (MA) and had Christine Nelson as the interior designer responsible for it. The client was expecting high level of work quality as well as excellent finish. The project had duration of 10 days – it was completed in two stages during July/2018. Level Five Painting, LLC. worked with four painters on site. The house was built in 1998 and the condition if the structure was good. The scope of work was to change the colors (walls/ceiling) of living room, foyer and hallway as well as to paint the walls/ceiling of the playroom and master suite. Also, the project required wood work and wallpaper removal/installation. The color selected to be painted in the walls of living room, foyer and hallway was the “India Yellow n. 66” from Farrow and Ball. In this project we had high ceilings (and because of that we had to use scaffoldings). We also had to deal with a fine marble floor and carpet – which required us to use protection against dust/stain.

Overall, the project was completed on time and in the budget. The condition of the walls in the bedroom was good. We had to do minimum patching. Our team cleaned and sanded between painting coats. In the master bedroom we had to remove the old wallpaper (grasscloth), prepare/skincoat the walls to install the new and fine piece. The walls in the master bathroom had venetian plaster so we had to sand and skincoat it.

Master bedroom final result

One of the client’s request was to remove an art panel located in the foyer and to install it again after the painting service was completed. The panel had eight different and small pieces that to be positioned in the right way it required to be on a certain level and order. Another request was to paint one wall with a specific product- which was toxic. The client was extremely concerned about the air pollution in the house. To deal with this product, we had to use a specific equipment to control the dust (fasttool). Another request was to over protect the floors and make sure the client was aware of everything that was going on in his house – the client visited the job site very frequently and they were demanding.

Something peculiar about this project was that, tor the first time in our company’s life, the own client sent us their contract to work in their house. Although our price was higher than any other painting company, the client felt comfortable enough to sign the contract with Level Five Painting, LLC. We believe that our professionalism, the way our team answered the client’s questions and handled their concerns convinced them to choose our company over any other one. Another good point was that we provide our clients a consistent team. The same four painters who started the project were the ones who finished and in the very beginning, the clients met them all.

During the execution of the project, the client asked us to paint two walk-in closets – which were full of clothing and our team pleasantly removed them all. In the beginning the request was to paint the master bedroom ceiling in high gloss. After the work done the client did not like the finish result and asked us to change to an eggshell finish. Another last-minute request was regarding to the dining room. The home owner asked us to remove the wallpaper as well as the window treatment. The removal of the window treatments caused holes in the walls and required our team to patch these holes and then paint over it.

Master bedroom with high gloss ceiling

The clients required a very high level of skill specially in terms of wallpaper application. Although the wallpaper was vinyl and didn’t have repeats, it was a type of piece that if you don’t install with patience and knowledge it shows all its seams. Our goal was to do a perfect job. About the cuttings in the high: the walls in the foyer and living room were approximately 25 ft so we had to provide an extremely skilled painters to do the job. The house had a “bridge” between the living room and the foyer that allows the clients to see the cuttings very close from the top. Another high level demanded by the clients were the skincoat. They were expecting sort of a “new wall” so it was a very challenging part of this project.

Thankfully, the client was extremely happy and surprised. He told us that no one has ever worked in his house the way we did. He focused on our cleaning and work organization. According to him, every single dollar he invested on our service was worthy it.

Some were the challenging aspects of this project. One of them was to deal with objects that were extremely expensive. Another point was to use some unusual tools, such as Baker (scaffolding); extension ladders (24 ft.) and work platforms. The biggest challenge in this project was that our wallpaper installer ended up getting sick for one week. We had to talk to the client to discuss the finish date. Overall, we had everything planned but we couldn’t control a human sickness. Thankfully, the client understood the entire situation and we could finish the project on time.

Our safety plan was to take care of the high parts of the project first with only new equipment. Another point was that we only let any painter use the extension letter with the supervision and help of another painter. We only use equipment that offered stability and safety to work in that environment.

My main concern regarding this project was that for the first time in our company’s life we had to work with the client’s own contract. After all, we had the contract renegotiated because the first version of it was only protecting the clients. We had to add some points in the contract to protect our company as well as add some PDCA standards.

Ceiling of the foyer (after)

Ceiling of the foyer (before)

This project ended up being unique because the clients. They are very nice people to work with. Also, the high level of painting techniques and customer service required in this project.

Living room (after)

Living room (before)

The products were selected according to the interior designer specs. The finishes were selected regarding to the situation of the house (if it has children/age, pets, what kind of surfaces). The Farrow and Ball product was selected to be used in this product because the owner wanted a very vivid color and an excellent finish.

Hallway (after)

Hallway (before)

Products used in the walls (foyer, living room, hallway)

“Indian Yellow n.66” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2OopKnw

Products used in the master bathroom

Walls: “Mauve Desert 2113-50” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2ytZbHJ

Ceiling: “Violet Pearl 1451” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2AnLU58

Products used in the master bedroom

Ceiling: painted with the color “Elephant Gray 2109-50” from Benjamin Moore and finished with the high gloss/eggshell effect: bit.ly/2POlxdR

Wallpaper: “T3003” from Thibaut (were used 32 single rolls): bit.ly/2ysUWMw

Roman Wallpaper Primer Pro-935: bit.ly/2EPZ1An

Wallpaper Inspiration #2

Last week we talked about wallpaper and how a beautiful fabric can transform your house in our post of the week that you can read here. Today we want to continue our discussion about wall coverings and we hope you can get inspired with one more selection of beautiful projects done by our team. Starting with this gorgeous project completed in Needham (Massachusetts) with the help of our friend and interior designer Christine Nelson. In this living room we installed the wallpaper “Haruki Sisal 5004720 – Color Charcoal” from Schumacher. The piece ended up being spectacular on the walls closed to the fireplace.

If you are looking for something to decorate smaller rooms such as your powder room we have a great option for you! This large scale wallpaper is the “Feather Bloom” from Schumacher. The interior designer responsible for this project located in Jamaica Plain (Boston/Massachusetts) is Emily Condon.

Selected by the interior designer Christine Nelson to one of our projects in Needham (Massachusetts) this is how a wall from the vestibule is looking after our wallpaper hanging service. This piece is from Phillip Jeffreis (6404 | Blossom, Purple Umber on Silver Silk).

Here is the final result of a great transformation in the basement of a family in Newton (Massachusetts). The responsible for such an unique project is the interior designer Sarah Cole and she documented everything on this post. This part of the house received our wallpaper application. This piece is the “Axis (Color: Lime/Peony/Sunset)” from the brand Scion Fabrics.

If you did not like the first option of wall coverings to your living room we have a second one which is from Phillip Jeffreis. If you are looking for an elegant result you should go for their “grasscloth” selection. Great and big variety of options.
This example sorrounding the fireplace is from our project in Newton (Massachusetts) which the interior designer responsible was Emily Condon.

For dining room options our big project done in Needham (Massachusetts) can get you inspired. Selected by Christine Nelson this piece is from Clarke & Clarke. The wallpaper has the design called “Hexagon” with the color “Mercury”.

To finish, nothing better than surprise you with wallpaper where you did not even think about it. Some parts of your house, such as hallways, deserve more! As we talked before, any wallpaper from Phillip Jeffreis can always remodel your place. Here is another example of a grasscloth application done in Newton (Massachusetts). The responsible for this project is the interior designer Meg McSherry.

Wallpaper Inspiration

Painting and decorating require a lot of effort, knowledge and creativity. It is not an easy job to get inspired while renovating your house. A lot of home owners decided to go for the help of an interior designer – which we highly recommend. Either way, if you are looking for decorating by yourself or will count on the expertise of a professional it is very important to know that wallpaper is always a great option to give a different look to your favorite room. The truth is wallpaper can make your master bathroom timelessly chic, your kids room incredible funny, your dining room extremely sophisticated or your living room more welcomed. Although wall coverings could be a solution to your decor-problem, hanging a today’s wallpaper with perfection is not a simple process. Even with the simplest peel and stick wallpaper, there is a possibility that it will become bunched up when you hang it.  Hanging wallpaper is time consuming so you should be considered when deciding whether or not hiring someone is worth it. If you decided to hire someone our company may be the best option if you live in the Boston Metro West Area. We have a vast portfolio and experience. In this post we selected some of our wallpaper hanging services done in the past years. Get inspired and decided to get your home a new look.

Our first option is for you that is looking for renovating your master bedroom. This room is located in Sudbury (Massachusetts) and it is a project of Christine Nelson Interior Design. More than just the ceiling painted with “Elephant Gray 2109-50” from Benjamin Moore, the owners of this house decided to go for their walls covered with the piece “T3003” from Thibaut. It is a great option to bring some temperance to your room.

Our team of wallpaper hangers is very talented and professional. We are capable of completely changing your house. If you are looking for something elegant and modern for your staircase area we suggest you to get inspired by the choice of the group of interior designers “Boston Exterior Remodeling” responsible for this project in Dedham (Massachusetts). They went for the piece “Bumble Bee – BP 507” from Farrow and Ball.

Your home office should look incredible and a well done application of a beautiful wall covering can help you achieving that. Get inspired by this room done in Needham (Massachusetts) with the help of Christine Nelson Interior Design. The wallpaper used in this home office was the “Haruki Sisal (5004720) – Charcoal” from Schumacher.

Also with the help of Christine Nelson Interior Design and the right wallpaper we totally transformed this bathroom located in Needham (Massachusetts). This piece is the “Kami Charcoal” from Clarke And Clarke.

When we talk about how much a wallpaper can modify your house here is a good example of how this is truth. In this TV room located in Brookline (Massachusetts) we could have painted just the walls with the color “Papel Doll CSP-485” and finished with “Aura Interior Paint – Eggshell (524)”, both from Benjamin Moore but we the help of Emily Condon Interior Design we gave an extra touch to this room. Surrounding the fireplace we applied one of the grasscloths from Phillip Jeffries Ltd.

Talking about simplicity but even though stylist our suggestion is the “Asara Flower (5005321) Color Delft” from Schumacher. This piece was hanged in this bathroom located in Wellesley (Massachusetts).

If your bathroom is the first place you go in the morning you should make it the most beautiful spot of your house. Get inspired by this gorgeous bathroom project done in Walpole (Massachusetts). What about if you already have a wallpaper installed in your house but you are willing to change it? What about this one from Cole and Son called “Woods”? This pattern was designed by Michael Clark in 1959 and this project counted with the help of Christine Nelson Interior Design.

If your powder room is in the worse shape ever it is time to renovate it. This bathroom (located in Newton/Massachusetts) received the ideas of the interior designer Meg McSherry, a wallpaper from Quadrille Fabrics and the installation from our team. Meg also posted on her Instagram how this powder room was before our services. To read just click here.

Summer Exterior Painting Projects

Summer is coming to its end! Cold and crispy days are on its way and to give a farewell to the warmest season of the year here are some of our most recent exterior painting projects. Today will discuss about not just products used in these projects but also techniques. The first project was done in Needham (MA) while the second one was completed in Brookline (MA).

This beautiful yellow house was painted with the color “Montgomery White HC-33” from Benjamin Moore. We believe that this product gave the exactly necessary summer mood to this project.

Also, in the same project we’ve got to paint this beautiful shutter door. The product selected to be used on this piece was the “Black Forest Green PM-12” from Benjamin Moore.

After a great season with so many exterior projects we believe that you don’t have to get a new house, our team can help you making your projects come true by improving your current home. For instance, this second project was done in Brookline (MA). Our clients already had this stunning structure for them that just needed to be improved. We decided to power wash the deck so we could restain and repaint it. The results are a new-looking deck to this beloved family enjoy the hot days of summer.

If you’ve got very interested about these project we suggest you to follow us on our social media (@level5pntgllc). Over there, we have been posting more details and pictures about these two exterior painting projects . If you would like to see what we have already posted just click on here and here to see more about the deck project done in Brookline (MA). Also, you can visit here, here or here to know more about the Needham (MA) project.

1) “Montgomery White HC-33″ from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2MRNXpY

2) “Black Forest Green PM-12” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2oKKlaH

Needham Interior Painting Project

Day by day, we from Level Five Painting, LLC. strive to provide the finest touch your painting project deserves. Since 2014 we have been making dreams come true by offering an impressive variety of residential painting services to homeowners throughout the Greater Boston and Metro West areas of Massachusetts. Our team is well skilled to repair and paint new, contemporary and historical homes, interior and exterior, with the objective of obtaining amazing results that will last.

One of our favorite things to do after finishing a painting project is sharing it with all our followers. We believe that this action is able to get people inspired. For us, nothing is better than great reviews and a very attractive portfolio. Fortunately, we have both (click here and here). Today we are here to share one of our most recent interior painting projects. Done in Needham (MA), this house had Christine Nelson as its interior designer. You can know more about her services by visiting her website: click here.

To start, this is the children (boys) bedroom. In this room we played with different shades of blue by painting it with Benjamin Moore products. These walls were painted with “Subway Tile CSP-585” and finished with “Aura Interior Paint – Eggshell (524)”.

We believe that richly pigmented paint products resulted in vividly walls such as the ones from this attic bathroom. The walls of this room were painted with the cleanest, freshest and most uncomplicated of all greens, the “Yearbridge Green no. 287” from Farrow and Ball. According to the Farrow and Ball website, “this colour was found at Yeabridge House, an 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse, when the original gun cupboard was removed. This vibrant verdant green had laid untouched for many years but was amazingly still reminiscent of the lush Somerset grass that surrounds the house”.

With less yellow than green, the color “Yeabridge Green” is a true avocado green, perfect to receive all the lights from the attic of the house.

This family put so much effort to make their kids space super nicer that it got us asking ourselves: “what treatment do our children deserve and what kind of treatment are we giving to them?”. Our clients think their kids are worthy of the best bathroom we could ever paint, do do we! Because of that we transform this bathroom with some Benjamin Moore products.

In this room, we painted the walls with “Alfresco 1672” (color) and finished with “Aura Bath & Spa – Matte (532)”, both from BenMoore.

If you got very interested about this project we suggest you to follow us on our social media (@level5pntgllc). Over there, we have been posting more details and pictures about this house. If you would like to see what we have already posted just click on here (to know more about the attic bathroom). Here or here (to read more about the boys bathroom) and here to visit a post about the boys bedroom.

1) “Subway Tile CSP-585” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2nHdsuS

2) Aura Interior Paint – Eggshell (524)” from Benjamin Moore: bit.ly/2OF1ugY

3) “Yearbridge Green no. 287” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2BdAVO3

4) “Alfresco 1672” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2j4qK1R

“Aura Bath & Spa – Matte (532)” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2nEV8CH

Somerville Condo Interior Painting Project

Recently we created a blog post specially dedicated to a project done in a Somerville (Massachusetts) condo (click here to read it). On that post we focused on two walls painted by the owner of our company, Jorge Carlos Auricchio. He used the painting techniques “Venetian” plaster and “Faux Finish to work in the living room and the master bedroom of the house. Today we will keep talking about the same home. With more rooms completely painted we are here to share more details, pictures and information about this beautiful project.

This is the living room and here we are able to see how a strong, moody deep mustard pigment and beautiful decor can make all the difference in a house. This vividly yellow wall was painted with “India Yellow no. 66” from Farrow and Ball.

This is the common bathroom of this project and it’s clearly easy to get inspired by this room. The walls were painted with “Dimpse no. 277” from Farrow and Ball and top coated with “Studio Glaze” from Benjamin Moore.

This elegant laundry room is located in the back of the house with the common bathroom. The walls of this place were painted with “Dimpse no. 277” from Farrow and Ball and top coated with “Studio Glaze” from Benjamin Moore. The trims were painted with “Cornforth White no. 228” from Farrow and Ball.

When we thought this house could not be more charming we painted this master bedroom wall. The results of a painting process using products from Fine Paints of Europe are a fresh and classy room. This room represents what we love most: to bring the finest touch your painting project deserves.

When you love to receive guests in your house you put all your efforts into make them feel very welcome in their bedrooms. In this project, the guest bedroom was painted with “Strong White no. 2001” from Farrow and Ball. The trims were painted with “All White no. 2005” from Farrow and Ball as well.

Still in the guest area, this is the guests bathroom – very classic and stylish. This is the part of the house (walls) was painted with “Caggabe White no. 269” from Farrow and Ball.

This vividly bathroom vanity is also part of the guest bathroom. To get this ultra high glossy result we painted the cabinets with “Hollandlac Brilliant” on top of the color “E12-32” (“The One Thousand Collection”), both from Fine Paints of Europe​.

1) “India Yellow no. 66” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2OopKnw

2) “Dimpse no. 277” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2vwCqBp

3)  “Studio Glaze” from Benjamin Moorebit.ly/2vtq11g

4) “Cornforth White no. 228” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2m3lAa8

5) Fine Paints Of Europe products: bit.ly/1q2RzBC

6) “Strong White no. 2001” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2Ma8nu0

7) “All White no. 2005” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2MCa3Iw

8) “Caggabe White no. 269” from Farrow and Ballbit.ly/2nnvH8u

9) “Hollandlac Brilliant” from Fine Paints of Europe​: bit.ly/2u7pRfa

10)  Color “E12-32” (“The One Thousand Collection”) from Fine Paints of Europe​bit.ly/2ATuj7k


Wellesley Exterior Painting Project

It’s Summer time and we from Level Five Painting, LLC. strive to provide every client with excellent work in every painting project, making it a pleasant and unique experience. We provide an impressive variety of residential painting services to homeowners throughout the Greater Boston and Metro West areas of Massachusetts. Our team is well skilled to repair and paint new, contemporary and historical homes, interior and exterior, with the objective of obtaining amazing results that will last.

Our team has dependable and polite painters who will take care of your painting project and your home making sure all work areas are protected, cleaned and secure. Our staff are fully insured and licensed professionals who operate in an efficient and friendly manner. We also maintain a non-smoking policy.

Because all of that, every single project painted by our employees is done with perfection. This post is dedicated to a summer project done in Wellesley (Massachusetts). This exterior project received paint products from Benjamin Moore and California Paints.

The body of this house was painted with a mix that consists of the “Old Navy 2063-10” from Benjamin Moore as the reference color in the product “Ultra 2010 – Low Sheen” from California Paints.

The trims of this project were painted with another mix: “White Diamond 2121-60” from Benjamin Moore as color reference in the product “Ultra 2010 – Semi Gloss” from California Paints.  The bulkhead door was finished with “Ultra Spec 500 Low Sheen – Low Sheen (537)” from Benjamin Moore.

If you are interested to see more pictures about this house you can visit our Instagram posts entirely dedicated to this beautiful project (with videos): click here and here.

1)  “Old Navy 2063-10” from Benjamin Moorehttp://bit.ly/2LOKYgA

2)  “White Diamond 2121-60” from Benjamin Moore: http://bit.ly/2OvWzj2

3) “Ultra Spec 500 Low Sheen – Low Sheen (537)”  from Benjamin Moore. : http://bit.ly/2vmrt4z

4) “Ultra 2010 – Semi Gloss” from California Paintshttp://bit.ly/2LEkvmC

Venetian Plaster and Faux Finish

Our company can transform your plain walls into your home’s most elegant place with a Venetian plaster and a lot of talent. This blog post is specially dedicated to this project done in a Somerville (Massachusetts) condo. The painter responsible for this project is the owner of our company, Jorge Carlos Auricchio. This project is special because two painting techniques were used: the “Venetian” plaster and the “Faux Finish”. One in the living room and the other one in the master bedroom, respectively.

The living room wall was painted with the “Venetian Plaster” tint base from Modern Masters. This product matches the color “Ashley Gray HC-87” from Benjamin Moore. This painting also has a tiny paint of the color “Black 2132-10”, also from Benjamin Moore.

The second part of this project was done in the master bedroom. The products used in the wall are a paint from Fine Paints of Europe and the “Latex Glaze | Semi-Gloss (405)” from Benjamin Moore.

If you are interested to see more pictures about this house you can visit our Instagram posts entirely dedicated to this beautiful project (with videos): click here to see the living room post | click here to see the master bedroom post. Here are the first two samples of these paintings.

The first sample is from the living room and the second one is from the painting done in the master bedroom.

1) “Venetian Plaster” from Modern Mastershttps://bit.ly/2NtWdbn

2) “Ashley Gray HC-87” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2JAJpxL

3) “Black 2132-10” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2uFUhVs

4) Fine Paints of Europe products: https://bit.ly/1q2RzBC

#NeedhamProject (Fireplace and Kitchen)

Back in October from last year we started one of our biggest painting projects. Located in Needham (Massachusetts) this three-floor single family house has Christine Nelson  as its interior designer. The exterior part of this house was finished right before the cold weather started, in November from 2017. The interior part of this house is a world by itself. Today we are going to talk about the fireplace area and the kitchen.

The walls from the fireplace area were painted with “Stonington Gray HC-170” while the coffered ceiling was painted with “White Dove OC-17” – both colors from Benjamin Moore. The shelves from this room were painted using a lacquer Resistant “White” from M.L Campbell Finishes.

These kitchen walls were also painted with “Stonington Gray HC-170” from Benjamin Moore. The ceiling (beams) was painted with high gloss paint from Fine Paints Of Europe  – matching with the color “White Dove OC-17”, also from Benjamin Moore.

If you are interested to see more pictures about this house you can visit our Pinterest board entirely dedicated to this beautiful project.

1) “Stonington Gray HC-170” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2MZnHWa

2) “White Dove OC-17” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2ITZiQB

3)  Lacquer Resistant “White” from M.L Campbell Finishes.: https://bit.ly/2KSsLyh

4) High gloss (“Hollandlac Brilliant”) paint from Fine Paints Of Europehttps://bit.ly/2u7pRfa