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Venetian Plaster And Faux Finish

Our company can transform your plain walls into your home’s most elegant place with Venetian plaster and a lot of talent. This blog post is specially dedicated to this project done in a Somerville (Massachusetts) condo. The painter responsible for this project is the owner of our company, Jorge Carlos Auricchio. This project is special because two painting techniques were used: the “Venetian Plaster” and the “Faux Finish”. One in the living room and the other one in the master bedroom, respectively.

The living room wall was painted with the “Venetian Plaster” tint base from Modern Masters. This product matches the color “Ashley Gray HC-87” from Benjamin Moore. This painting also has a tiny paint of the color “Black 2132-10”, also from Benjamin Moore.

The second part of this project was done in the master bedroom. The products used in the wall are from Fine Paints of Europe. The “Latex Glaze | Semi-Gloss (405)” from Benjamin Moore.

If you are interested to see more pictures about this house you can visit our Instagram posts entirely dedicated to this beautiful project (with videos): click here to see the living room post | click here to see the master bedroom post. Here are the first two samples of these paintings.

The first sample is from the living room and the second one is from the painting done in the master bedroom.

1) “Venetian Plaster” from Modern Mastershttps://bit.ly/2NtWdbn

2) “Ashley Gray HC-87” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2JAJpxL

3) “Black 2132-10” from Benjamin Moore: https://bit.ly/2uFUhVs

4) Fine Paints of Europe products: https://bit.ly/1q2RzBC

#NeedhamProject (Fireplace and Kitchen)

Back in October from last year, we started one of our biggest painting projects. Located in Needham (Massachusetts) this three-floor single-family house has Christine Nelson as its interior designer. The exterior part of this house was finished right before the cold weather started, in November from 2017. The interior part of this house is a world by itself. Today we are going to talk about the fireplace area and the kitchen.

The walls from the fireplace area were painted with “Stonington Gray HC-170” while the coffered ceiling was painted with “White Dove OC-17” – both colors from Benjamin Moore. The shelves from this room were painted using a lacquer Resistant “White” from M.L Campbell Finishes.

These kitchen walls were also painted with “Stonington Gray HC-170” from Benjamin Moore. The ceiling (beams) was painted with high gloss paint from Fine Paints Of Europe – matching with the color “White Dove OC-17”, also from Benjamin Moore.

If you are interested to see more pictures about this house you can visit our Pinterest board entirely dedicated to this beautiful project.

1) “Stonington Gray HC-170” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2MZnHWa

2) “White Dove OC-17” from Benjamin Moorehttps://bit.ly/2ITZiQB

3)  Lacquer Resistant “White” from M.L Campbell Finishes: https://bit.ly/2KSsLyh

4) High gloss (“Hollandlac Brilliant”) paint from Fine Paints Of Europehttps://bit.ly/2u7pRfa