Level Five Painting LLC


Protecting Our Team and Your Painting Project From COVID-19

In the middle of a world of uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 outbreak, Level Five Painting, LLC. is making sure our team is taking extra steps to continue keeping our employees and clients’ safety in the first place. In a challenging time to all, we are monitoring up-to-minute COVID-19 information and updates. As an organization committed to wellness and excellence, we will continue to operate responsibly providing a safe environment for both our clients and staff. By following all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) steps, we are assuring our crew is properly trained and healthy while our client’s homes are protected.

We understand that some clients prefer to cancel their projects or postpone their conclusion dates. For those who will prefer to continue their projects schedule normally, our company will make sure to accommodate all requirements to keep everyone’s safe. If clients prefer to not have any contact with our crew, Level Five Painting, LLC. is open to coordinate project details with transparency, follow our clients’ preferences while continuing a safe work. Our contact line is always open to anyone at (617) 869-9446 and contact@levelfivepaintingllc.com.

Knowing the risks of COVID-19, Level Five Painting, LLC. is taking specific steps and precautions to keep our team safe not only while is working in our clients’ projects but also when they are at their own homes. Our company conducted a small training with all our crew in our office last Friday (March, 13th). We showed all of our employees the risks and complications originated from COVID-19 contamination. We talked about how to prevent the virus and the steps to avoid getting sick.

Steps Being Taken By Level Five Painting, LLC. to Ensure Safety:

  • Temperature Measurement: Every morning, Level Five Painting, LLC. is measuring the temperature of all our employees before they go to the job site. Employees who present any symptoms of COVID-19 contamination, such as fever, will not be allowed to work. Those will be sent either to their homes or to a primary care office to get proper treatment and care. Level Five Painting, LLC. is prohibiting any employees who present any symptoms of cold and regular flu (Influenza) to come to work. As far as we know, none of our employees have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Indirect Virus Transmission: For the time being, our employees are discouraged to shake hands and play with clients’ kids and pets. Our goal is to avoid spreading COVID-19 to all – employees, clients and our community, as people can carry and transmit the virus without showing any symptoms.
  • Photo ID Badge: To ensure transparent and easy communication, all our employees are carrying their photo IDs badge while working in our clients’ houses. If clients need to communicate with anyone working on-site, they will know their names and roles. This will help our company to streamline communication between our crew and our clients.

  • Clean and Disinfect: EPA-registered household disinfectants are being used in our clients’ houses multiple times every day during this outbreak – with the exception of clients who are allergic to a specific cleaning product (substitutions can be made). Our team is cleaning all surfaces in every project multiple times throughout the day. At the end of every single day that we are working in our clients’ houses, our team will disinfect doorknobs and main surfaces with 70% alcohol. If clients prefer, we can also provide portable toilets – this way, our employees will not be using our clients’ bathrooms.
  • Gloves and Face Masks: Our team is fully equipped and wearing latex gloves and face masks at all times while working in our clients’ projects. Our goal is to avoid any type of contamination and to keep our employees as well as our clients safe.

While we coordinate steps to ensure our community’s safety, Level Five Painting, LLC. would like everyone to remember that we are a small business. As part of our history, we support our employees, therefore their families depend on our business to have a comfortable, dignified and honest life. At this moment of uncertain and tough decisions, we ask our clients and partners to continue helping and collaborating with the job we do on a daily basis. Since the situation is complex and things are evolving rapidly, we will continue to keep our communication open with everyone that has any questions or concerns. If our plans change, we will let everyone know. Be safe!